AgAuCu: handmade jewelry and ceramics, a whole lot of plants, and tea
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    This is a custom order, a lady had a personal stone she wanted made into a pendant. It is a smaller stone but has such an intense blue flash that the camera couldnt register it properly.

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    Do you believe you're going to burn in Hell like all Devil worshippers & people with tattoos? Like BURN forever in the searing heat of the unbearably hot flames, for all eternity bae? :)



    For all eternity, bae!

  • Anyone want a druzy coffin? #Halloween #snapshot #crafting #coffin

  • tropicalhomestead:

    Tumblr Community Garden Give-away #2!

    Once again, I’m creating a community garden one Tumblr user at a time!

    The prize:

    12+/- different types of seeds for growing herbs and veggies:

    Cucumber (2 kinds)

    English Thyme




    Rio Zape Beans(like a pinto bean, aka Hopi Bean)

    Midnight Black Bean

    Yellow Indian Woman Bean

    Banana  Pepper

    and more - many are heirloom seed that can be regrown from the new fruit

    15 bio-degradable Jiffy Pots

    5 up-cycled planter pots

    2 Ice cream pails for bigger plants

    Homemade, hand-bound book for garden journal

    3 Mother Earth News’ Magazines with great articles on self-sufficiency

    Coconut coir from our coconuts to place in bottom of pots for better drainage

    Craft sticks to label your seedlings

    Gently read zines and books on self-sufficiency, living a better life and urban gardening from Adam gnade, jessie-duke and the independent publisher/distributor Pioneers Press

    AND…a $10 gift card to the hardware/garden center of your choice to buy gobs of dirt (last giveaway I shipped dirt. Never again).

    -Following tropicalhomestead appreciated but not necessary
    -reblog this post at least once AND include a note why you want to win. Very Important, you won’t be considered without a reason.
    -no giveaway blogs
    -likes don’t count -reblog so everyone can have a chance to start growing their own food

    -I also hope the winner will keep us updated on mini-garden progress!

    Give-away open to November 1, 2014. I’ll pick a winner by November 10.

    Good luck - and don’t worry if you’re not a winner this time - I live for this stuff and I will do it again.

    I’d love to win because I had to leave my entire garden behind, besides one bromeliad and a little parsley. I miss gardening, and I lack the resources/stores to go to and start back up!

  • Trying out some new things.. #snapshot #oneyear

  • Autumn giveaway coming up soon! #snapshot #PUMPKINS

  • I’ve opened my store again, I haven’t added much but please at least look to see if you’d like anything!! Please and thank.

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  • Cheers bby

    I love you, and I wish you didn’t live so far away, because we could basically live an entire life together with this theme.

  • Don’t lose weight.
    You won’t be able to drink a hard cider and stay sober.
    Don’t do it.