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AgAuCu: handmade jewelry and ceramics, a whole lot of plants, and tea
  • About to do some ‘real’ work (is anything I do real work?). Ridiculous setup! #snapshot #macvspc #BOTH

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  • tropicalhomestead:

    American Beautyberry

    Almost ripe! Contrary to popular belief, these vivid purple berries aren’t just for show. Beautyberries make a lovely tea when boiled, mashed, strained, and mixed with a bit of honey. AND: I just found a recipe for beautyberry jelly at Eat the Weeds. I hope I can find enough berries to try a batch.

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    It has been about one year since my last giveaway, and what a tumultuous year it’s been. In the past year, with the help of my amazing followers, friends, and customers at every step of the way, I’ve begun to eke out a small business I can safely say I’m proud of. I wanted to start this giveaway as a way of thanks to everyone.

    This is a month long giveaway. Three winners will be selected via random drawings on Monday, September 15.

    Winners will receive their choice of one pendant, selected by them. 
    This pendant can either be selected from my shop, or we can work out a custom piece.


    • Reblog this post to enter. Likes don’t count! Each reblog counts as an entry; reblog as much as you want! (But be conscientious of your followers, alright?) 
    • Must be following Moss of the Woods Jewelry on Tumblr at time of drawing. I will check!
    • Please, no junk blogs/giveaway blogs. Kindly, I ask you to be respectful of my time and my efforts.

     Thank you again! You’ve all made this past year one of the best of my life, and have helped me along in pursuing my dream. Here’s hoping for many more!

    We’re at the halfway point with this giveaway!

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  • You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping.

    tagged by hellostarchild

    1. Cage by Chihiro Onitsuka
    2. Dark Paradise by Lana del Rey (!! go us, Tiph)
    3. Hanging by a Thread by Nickel Creek
    4. One by One by Lola Ray
    5. Don’t Stand So Close to Me by The Police
    6. I Want It All/We Will Rock You by uh. Mashup from the Sucker Punch soundtrack, I dunno
    7. The Strangest Thing by Bernard Fanning
    8. Stuttering by Fefe Dobson
    9. Keep Me by Lucy Schwartz (I actually have no idea what this is, but I’m going to assume it was a free from iTunes thing.. I really like it, wow)
    10. Finale Ultimo (Camelot Reprise) from Camelot, Original Broadway Cast (which is actually mostly talking..)

    Stealing Tiph’s 5more

    1. Pennies on the Floor - The Little Willies
    2. This Is How the World Ends - Killola
    3. San Francisco - Vanessa Carlton
    4. Cold Cash and Colder Hearts - Thrice
    5. The River - Missy Higgins

    NOT TAGGING going to sleep now good night forever
    holy god I forgot how awesome killola is
    also I definitely skipped all the repeat artists
    hella Thrice and Lana del Rey

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    8. Favorite song
    9. Favorite drink
    10. Tag time!

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    mostly because I’m pretty sure it’s not actually harassment

    I hope

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  • Almost done with the outside. Where are my rhinestones?? #snapshot #crafting #halloween

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  • So bad at this! Oh well. Out witching it up today. #snapshot #personal

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  • Starting work on the coffin boxes. #snapshot #crafting #halloween

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